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Summary Java Mathematical Expression Parser
Category libraries
License GNU Lesser Public License
Owner(s) jdesmet

Message from the owner(s)

I am considering options to take development on this library to a new level. This could mean, looking for a new codebase hosting, hiring developers, adding new features.

Features to be added, and asked for are:

  • Support for Complex numbers (x/y and polar).
  • Support for Fixed digit numbers for use in the financial world. Strict control of rounding and error.
  • Start a project to implement jmep extension libraries to introduce functions.


Parse and evaluate mathematical expressions. Supports Functions, and units.

Although there are many tools available to generate those parsers, the aim of this project is to reduce the need of redoing this over and over again by providing a generic implementation. It should be easy to customize without touching the core libraries (extensible and configurable).